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All programs are our Institute's exclusive !

ORP Evaluation & Certification Program

The program has been designed because of growing interest in reduced water and popular demand for information regarding Oxidation Reduction Potential
of bottled drinking water offered on the market.

Water Deoxidation & Redox Improvement Program

This program has been designed to help drinking water producers, SPA managements and Balneotherapy Centers to meet popular demand for reduced, hydrogen-rich water, with redox much below 200mV

Both programs are our Institute's exclusive and first in the World, addressed mostly to the managements of drinking water sources used for human consumption, to producers of bottled water and to Balneotherapy Centers or SPA, using water for therapeutic purposes

In today's World, with excessive production of reactive oxygen species badly affecting humanity and causing premature aging along with dangerous, hard to fight ilnesses IT IS A MUST PROGRAM for every drinking water producer, SPA owner, Hospital, Medical Clinic, Balneotherapy Center around the World WHY ? Because there is no other solution to change the OXIDATIVE WATER we drink every day as a principle of our existence, into reduced water with ANTIOXIDATIVE properties, which may help us live helthier and longer !

Antioxidant Therapy Program
(under development)

After conducting the first experimental antioxidative program at Jelenia Struga Medical SPA in Kowary, Poland, we have gained a lot of experience in this regard. Based on these experiences, we modify our program, which we will soon be presented to all interested parties.

(new - under development)
Water declustration is a process that allows the harmonic ordering of the molecular structure of water.

Our latest program meets the needs of the global community, because it is associated with the largest consumer product, which is water. The value of water for a man is invaluable and its importance to his life and health is priceless. Since the quality of global drinking water resources has been (and still is) undergoing degradation in the last 20 years, it is necessary to develop ways to revive it.

The Grander process, recognized on the market, is one of the methods already used in the world. The last discovery in the field of refining of drinking and utilitarian water is the process of its declustration, using the technology of "cold plasma".

Our Institute, in coopperation with the Experimental Department of the Liw Lewant company in Poland, conducts advanced experiments with plasma declave water. The results are very promising and in the near future we will be able to present our new water quality refining program on an industrial scale.